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Here you will find useful (I hope) information on interview skills plus film and television production.

Fine Cut Films started life as a production resource - information about programme making.

The Arthur Andersen fiasco changed that; there's now so much interest in media handling techniques, that most of the site is now devoted to this specialist business.

There's still quite a lot of information on film production, though - including how to interview people!

Main Areas of Interest:

Media Facing the Media

A few hints and tips in case you find yourself doorstepped one morning! Not really sure what 'doorstepping' is all about? Click the picture to find out more about this and other styles of interview.

Media Handling Courses by Fine Cut Films

What you can expect to find; a fair bit of theory and a lot of practice. You'll know just what to say, and you'll soon be feeling quite comfortable in front of the camera.

See the Difference that Fine Cut Films can make

Before and after a course - two real interviews. They're performed by an actor here, but the first is a straight transcript of an interview, and the second by the same person after one of our courses.

Production Skills

Sections on writing, shooting, editing and performing. Want to know what a best boy is, or how to write a voice over for a documentary? Guidance and examples are just a click away.

Production Courses

From the idea to the finished DVD. And all stages in between. After a course with Fine Cut Films you'll find all sorts of ways to use your new skills. Add a flash demonstration to your web site, or astonish them next year at Sundance.

Wine. Why? Well, why not?

After all, a film crew marches on its stomach. So fill that stomach with good stuff, and the results the next day will astound you. I hope!

Nonsense - mostly feeble humour

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And Jacqueline a dull girl. A little laugh at the end of the day.

And, of course, Fine Cut Films makes films!

Well, mostly they're high definition videos these days. But who cares about the shooting medium; you want to get your message across and you need the best. Click to find out more.